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Type in POOSLICE as your name to enable the cheats. When your done
typing it in a weird sound will start playing. That's telling you
that the cheats are on. Then you can delete the name and type in whatever
you want.

At the research screen:
0 Add more options to research menu
U Finish a days worth of research

During the game:
ALT-C Complete the level
ALT-T Teleport active agent to cursor location
SHIFT-Q Full weapons and health

Command line parameters:
/m Allows you to hit the . key at the menus to get 10,000 credits
/mx Skip to that mission (where x is a number between 1 and 108)

To use the command line parameters, start the game with
main /w /g
and add them to the end of the line or add them on that line in the PLAY.BAT
The Syndicate Wars FAQ

Written by: Matt Rogers;

Latest updates available at:

UPDATED 11/02/96

This FAQ won't include any tips, so if that's what you need then go to either
of the above links for a walkthough/strategy guide.

First I have to start off with saying the reference card that came with SW
is missing a whole bunch of commands for the keyboard. The following is
the REAL keyboard commands. Better print this out kids. :)

|Action | Command|
Walk to Point -> CTRL
Fire Weapon <- CTRL
Select Agent Agent #
Zoom to Lead Agent Press Agent # twice quickly
Group Agents \
Change Agent Tab
Up Up
Down Down
Left Left
Right Right
Self Destruct ALT+D
Zoom In End
Zoom Out Home
Tilt View Down Insert
Tilt View Up Page Up
Spin View Left (clockwise) Delete
Spin View Right (c-clockwise) Page Down
Drop Weapon Z
Key Control K
Restart Level R
Select Weapon ALT <-
Deselect Weapon ALT ->
Change Mood of Agents ALT up/down
Exit Multiplayer Mission Shift+Esc
Pause P
Remove buildings from screen B (press and hold)
Draw less/more screen area Shift E for less, E for more
Toggle Scanner beep S
Toggle deep radar on and off CTRL F6
Stop the panel being drawn CTRL F10
SAVE A SCREENSHOT!! M (note: they save to c:\tmp)
Stop the ingame action CTRL F3
Stop game being dispalyed CTRL F2
Change deep radar colors CTRL G&H
Speed up/slow down game +/-


Q. HELP! I can't quit the mission. :(
A. Pause the game and then you'll have the quit option

Q. How many people can play locally at one time, and how do I set it up?
A. Up to four people can play at one time on one computer. To set this up
go under "Interface" in the bottom left hand corner. You can choose
the number of players and how each player will control their character.

Q. What's with the PEOPLE.TXT file on the CD and my hard drive?
A. It's probably something to get to know the programmers.

Q. I get no background music and my sound card is 100% compatible with SW!
A. Try hooking up a pair of speakers directly to your CD-ROM. This game
uses tracks like you'll find on a regular CD. You can even play the
SW tracks on a music CD player.

Q. How come REO Speedwagon didn't do the SW music?
A. Unknown.

Q. When I go into the game it's still in 320x200 mode, even though I remember
changing it.
A. Press F8 during gameplay to alternate between the two graphic modes.

Q. I really hate my teams color.
A. Try pressing F10 to toggle through the uniform colors. F9 will toggle
through the different border colors.

Q. I can't do any research!!!
A. You have to pass the first level. :) READ THE MANUAL... :)

Q. What's with the zoom? I just don't get it!
A. Zoom depends on your weapon range. At max. zoom out you should be able
to see just beyond how far you can shoot with your selected weapon.
Bombs and other non-shoot weapons have a pre-determined zoom level and
home/end are useless when you have these weapons selected.

Q. How the hell do I get money?
A. The best way to get money is to rob banks. How do you do this? Banks
are usually VERY heavily guarded buildings. If you blow up the guarded
building a briefcase will appear. This briefcase is your ticket to
millions... well maybe not millions, but a lot of money.

Q. Are there any hot dog vendors? If so do they sell sausages?
A. No and no.

Q. What's this hidden game I keep hearing about?
A. It's that classic game BREAKOUT (or something like that). Stare
at a billboard for a really really long time and it'll come up.

Q. I just don't understand how I persuade some people!! :(
A. Here's a chart of persuation:
|Type | Points given | Points need to persuade|
Civilians 1 0
Unguided 2 10
Zealots 5 20*
Scientist 1 0
Police 2 6
Govs 3 15

*Zealots can only be persuaded with the persuadertron 2
NOTE: Brain mods increase the range of the Persuaditron, but don't
decrease the points need to persuade someone.

Special thanks goes out to Mike Diskett for helping me out with this FAQ.

If you have any other questions that aren't answered (I know there's lots)
email me at

See ya.

More Syndicate War cheats
When you login, Input your Name as POOSLICE. Then, when you hear a sound
effect, immediatly erase POOSLICE and Input the name you want. This will
Now allow you to access several features in the game.

If you hit the "." key while NOT in the battle screen, you raise your cash
by $10,000 or so. if you hold it down, you can make LOTS of Cash.

Also, If you hit the "0" key (Zero) while in the Equiptment screen, new
weapons are automatically researched. Just keep hitting "0" till you're
done researching everything.

Another is, when in the research screen, you hit the "U" key and a day of
research passes by.

While in the battle screen,

Hit Alt-C and the level is automatically completed.
Hit Alt-T and you can teleport your agent wherever the pointer lies.

Shift-Q Will bring back your agents from the dead with full Power and tons
of weapons. It's rumoured that this MAY mess up your save game. However, I
have had no problems with this.

Russ Bisschop.
Didsbury, Alberta.

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