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Page under destruction. I only have a few of cheats here, submissions of more strategies are welcomed!


could be either 1 or 2 depending on army. You will need a hex editor to change the SAV file. Effect is 32 Million oil credits

00000000  000 0000 0000
0000 xxxx xxxx xxxx 0000
to: 00000000  000 0000 0000
0000 F301 F301 F301 0000


Fist in the Middle - Survivors
Press [Ctrl] and select all your troops with the mouse. Move them East and then North up the side of the map, destroy all the Evolved you see along the way. Move West when you reach the top of the map, where you will find a base which needs a little repair. The remainder of the mission is no problem, the oil will be flowing and you can make some cool units to destroy the Evolved base.

The Great Escape - Survivors
Take the captive to the safe zone (shown on map as turquoise rectangle), send all your re-enforcement's to protect him, not vehicles as they don't go through tunnels. Build up your base in the South and then destroy the Evolved and their anti-aircraft towers (Bazooka Batteries). Only when this task has been completed will the Airlifter come and land on the hill shown by the blue flag on the map. Once the Captive is on the Airlifter tell it to fly back to your base. - Noah

Move your captive to the safe area and once your base has kicked off move him to the top left corner again and down into the cul-de-sac (dead end) where it is extremely safe. You should move every reinforcement to wait at the mouth of this area and build your base as usual. Destroy all the anti-air guns and your transport comes. Pick up the captive and then bring him home. - Ken Koala

Impending Annihilation - Survivors
Set up your camp and build all buildings, set up another drill rig and power station to the west of your camp around the skeleton. Upgrade all buildings (except power stations for this is unnecessary with this technology limit) set Grenadiers to constant construction and once you have a large army set up attack the Series 9 defence domes to the extreme North. You will need a few groups of these, one to destroy each dome.
Once the domes are out of the way build a few Technicians and send up north, through the trees beside the river, and cross the river where the enemy domes once existed One Technician will do but is better to have a few just in case you are attacked on the way there. Once you have crossed the river send your Technicians down south, pass two oil patches, until you reach a circle will some symbols on it. Send your Technician to this and a Sentry Droid will come out of the circle. He is very strong but can shoot himself if you are not careful, he'll destroy anything he's told to, within reason, but is very susceptible to being attacked form all directions. Using the Droid and a few other men, Grenadiers and Hover Buggies, destroy the Series 9.
Before doing this is wise to send an army of fast moving vehicles up to the north, past the sentry domes, and west. You will weave trough a few ridges and dodge to more towers, until you come to an oil rig. Destroy it and this will slow their construction by a great deal. You don't need to worry about getting this army home for they are not needed, they can put up an good fight though. - Jonathan Puddle

Robots Must Die! - Survivors
Move your two mobile buildings in the far corner. Tell them to hide south east of the building to their left. Press [F] for fight mode when the Series 9 robots turn up. Follow the road left, down and left by the river then go down into the gully, where you will find some more men waiting for you. Tell the men to destroy the bridge you passed. Destroy the electric fence of the small Series 9 base Use laser troopers to destroy tower and the tell them all to destroy the other tower. Destroy their base and set up camp. Tell most of your men to go back to the start position and down the road and destroy that bridge. This stops future attacks from the east.
Use your well-developed skill to build a massive base and knock down any more bridges you see to the south. When you have lots of fire power attack the base to the south of you. Continue to follow the roads around the huge map and destroy all you see, there will be a few other bases which can all be accessed without the need of airlifting.

Phoenix River Suicide Trip - Survivors
The mission briefing gives you a clue, send units which can travel on water up the river, tell them to wait just out of range from the three Pod Cannons. Send some men and a few Technicians with them, through the woods by the river, and stop them before they reach the Pod Cannons. When you have enough water units to distract the Pod Cannons for a few seconds, send the Technicians across the river and down the other side. You will find a tech bunker with enough long range fire power to annihilate Series 9.

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