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Here are a small selection of sites for you to visit. If you want to suggest a site, please contact me.

  Name   Description
AoK Network Age of Kings gaming site with a great design by me
AoE Heaven Definitive site for all AoE and AoK gamers
Close Combat Clan of the German soldiers. Supply of downloads, info, mods and maps
Gamers Central All-round excellent site
Game Reality Small general gaming site
Game Tropics Excellent new games downloads site
HotMagma My main domain site with loads of content
KKND2: Krossfire Kool KKND2 Clan with loads weird members
Nahoo My other site, contains movies reviews, academic stuff, downloads...
Ogre's Net Neat strategy gaming site
Outpost 13 KKND 2 Fan site, with original design and good content
Strategy Gaming Strategy reviews, demos and screenshots

Microsoft Gaming Zone

Multiplayer's paradise

WarZone - The Difinitive Site for Real Time Strategy

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WarZone - The Difinitive Site for Real Time Strategy

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