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After a brief time with Rosie, the site has been given back to me to sort out. I am now in control of this whole domain, so webmasters apply here! All the forms are now sorted after a very long period of zero feedback, you will now get a say on running of the site.

The guestbook is now up and running, so please leave your comments on what you have seen here at the guestbook section of this site.

A while ago several java games added to the java section, please check them out! Warp is particularly hard to progress the levels, please tell me how you do with it. I would appreciate any suggestions of new java games to add to the Java Jeux section.

The finished side menu


The cheat and strategy sections still need a lot of work, at the moment I am hoping that people will tell me what they want and I will place it on the cheat or strategy section. A few people have done this so far, but I think I may need some help to sort out these section once and for all. If anyone out there wants to help - I can give them a large library of cheats and strategies to format for this site, they may also want to use the cheats in their own site.

I am considering adding a few new pages where people will be able to add their own gaming stories, disastrous strategies and jokes. I will be glad of any help or advice with any aspect of the site, please contact me through the Mail page or by ICQ.

Below is a list of the actual visitor numbers in WarZone's first month, December 1998, and their country of origin. I am hoping that some of the major search engines will soon get around to placing my site in their directories, hopefully this will improve site traffic.



United Kingdom     507
United States 270
Canada 39
Belgium 29
Australia 29
Sweden 26
Netherlands 17
France 14
Portugal 13
Malaysia 10



Please add the small WarZone banner on you site, just copy the following source:

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If you want to add a larger banner, use this WarZone banner, copy the following source:

   <a href=""><img
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